• "Tröjan" installed at Kärraskolan, Hisings Kärra, Sweden

    Tröjan (The Sweater), 2018

    Hand-woven jacquard | Trevira CS and wool, powder coated steel

    Many small sweaters, embracing and intertwined - together they form a large sweater hanging on a giant hanger on a nail on the wall. From far away it may seem that the sweater is made of a plain knit pattern, but up close a hive of small sweaters is revealed.  Arm-in-arm or linking together, they form chains. The sweater is a kind of "super-form" - a form that in itself is made up of iterations of smaller cell-like forms.

    The piece is made through jacquard weaving - a technique where digital images are translated to readable weave structures, made up of zeros and ones, and woven manually on a thread controller loom. The green threads are made of wool and the white threads are made of Trevira CS - a  high-tech flameproof material.

    The work is made to the scale of a children's sweater hanging on a "normal size" or "adult size" clothes hanger. The sweater is made with the children's perspective in mind. It should be fun and unexpected, something children can watch for a long time. The work is intended to be viewed from a distance and to encourage the imagination. Hopefully it can become a familiar landmark in the school. "Let's meet by the sweater" I imagine the children saying.  

    The piece can also be understood as a reminder that we are all small building blocks that together comprise the universe - that together, we are all a kind of "super-form".